Not sure if I am posting this in the correct section but here goes.

My laptop is running XP service pack two.

It is not picking up the wireless card. There is a wireless card in the laptop as was using it before the machine was formatted.

It was picking no network connections up at all but tried plugging in an ethernet cable and it will run fine on the net via the cable but just cant find the wireless card anywhere.

Any ideas how can find the wireless card?


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You will need to install the drivers again after the format.....get em off the disc that came with the card or at the card manufacturers website!

Have a look in Device manager under 'Network adaptors'...it will tell you what sort of card it is, and theres most probably a red cross or yellow exclamation mark next to it!

Try clicking install driver and see if windows will find it for you!


my system is not working properly when i pressed the start button some sounds are coming and it is not displaying any thing on the monitor it is showing a blank screen i had removed ram and inserted it again but no result can you help me

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did u check the drivers.. are they installed properly.. just go and see the Device manager whether you have installed those drivers correctly.. if you are.. you wont get this issue..


i have a compaq my network adapter not working its internal the lght stays orange.help


again you people that have questions of your own need to start new threads and don't interrupt other peoples posts

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go to the networking hardware section and click on start new thread and post your problem there.

we will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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