I have a Netgear Pre-N wirless router, WGM124, and am trying to figure out how to set the Router's Mac address. I'm currently using a different, older router and when I set it up with my ISP, I had to clone my laptop's Mac address on the router to get it to work. I am trying to do this now to my newer, better router the Netgear WGM124, but I can't remember how to and the Netgear website doesn't have any product manuals. Can someone help please?


connect directly to the router with a cable(not wireless) and go to your web browser and type in www.routerlogin.com it will ask for username and password, the default is Admin and password. there should be a tab on the left that says wireless security. under that it should say something like MAC filtering or something like that. Turn that on and put the MAC addresses for all the computers that are going to be allowed on the network. If you need help obtaining the MAC addresses let me know

Hope this helped

Hi, thanks for your reply. Actually, I'm aware of how to use the security feature where I have to put the MAC address for each computer. What I need to do is to clone my computer's MAC address on my router. Right now, my modem will not "talk" to my newer router. The older router I have works because I previously set up its MAC address to match that of my computer. The ISP I had at the time gave me instructions but I don't remember them.


Oh very sorry... I must have misunderstood.