hi guys,

do you guys know how i can configure a "cisco catalyst 3560G" switch to do mac-based VLANing? is this even possible with this series of switches? can it be done with an upgrade to the OS version?

cheers guys

The use of a suitable networking protocol is what you need to look into to achieve this outcome.

I would suggest a protocol by which a
node could learn a MAC address without the need to use broadcast or
multicast initially?

Although the network protocol determines how address discovery works, Im not entirely sure how you would set this up using a cisco catalyst 3560G.

i know that i need a server like a radius server to match the MACs with the correct VLAN...but i need the switch to authenticate the connected MAC add of the PC..... that authentication bit is wat i need to know...i cant find the correct commands to do this on the switch? would this be possible with a upgrade to the OS of switch wat i have is 12.2..... what i dont know is where to get an upgrade

appreciate your help guys