Okay , as a web developing noob , my question is about the budget of running a website . For example , my work is to find a domain name for a website for a small business taking up 50mb of space . As it is a small business hiring novice developers at a small price , just for the sake of expanding their sales outlet / advertising in the short-term , the managers might not like to pay monthly bills to the web host . Is there any way to put up links of some sponsors / companies - where consumers would click / buy from - so that my website will also have
a revenue centre ? I have no experience of uploading files that way yet , how do I check if dreamweaver can connect to the remote server and CI/CO or upload files or not ?

For a corporate website intend on bringing customers to the company I'd say any 3rd party advertising should be avoided like the plague.

If the site doesn't bring income to the company, maybe it should not exist. It's that simple.

I understand that income can be hard to gauge if the site doesn't sell anything directly, but it is there.
Think of increased numbers of people contacting the company for information, and as a result (if the site portrays the company and its product/service correctly) increased sales.
The businessplan for the site should contain predictions of this extra income (and they'd better be realistic) as well as predictions of the cost of building and later running and maintaining the site.

Many hosting solutions are nowadays rather cheap, especially if you don't require dynamic content and online payment processing.
50MB (or even more) can be had for $10 or so a month, a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of the people needed to build and maintain the site let alone the entire operating cost of the company.

If the manager doesn't want to pay that small amount, I wonder whether he will be willing to pay for the people (that means you!) who are going to create and maintain the site.
Compare the cost:
hosting: $150 a year
domain name registration: $75 for 2 years (maybe less now)
webmaster/coder: $50 per hour minimum for any decently proficient one.

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