I just purchased an HP laptop with wireless card. I live in the country where presently all I have available to me is dial up. I got this laptop so I can drive to the nearest public library and access their free wireless.

I can connect to the free wi fi network but I can't access the internet. After I'm connected I open Internet Explorer and find I'm not on the internet.

When I ask the librarian for the SSID and password to manually plug in, I'm told they have no such thing. They tell me that other people just walk in, open up thier laptops, connect to the wi fi network and start surfing the internet.

I can't figure out what the problem is. I've never done wireless before. Could it be a firewall configuration issue?

Any help will be greatly, IMMENSELY, deeply appreciated.
Thank you in advance, Ava

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I had a similar problem today and maybe i've found a solution. Check this out: Go to my computer, in the meniu on the left press "my netvork places", then in the same menu "netvork connections". Then right click on the wireless netvork adapter and press "properties" there you will find tcp/ip protocol. Look on its properties and check "obtain ip adress automaticaly". Then close everything. Just to be sure you can restart pc and thats it :)

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