Im curious, what do you guys think of novell? I mean, do you like it or not?

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i dont like being on the client side....

I think it is a great network OS and is very reliable for server uptime, of course I work in a Netware environment and they recently went from 5.1 to 6.5 in our building. The new features of Netware 6 with iPrint, iMap (browser based map of printer locations so a user can select the closest printer, have it auto install, and start printing with ease), iManager, and others are easy to use, plus it is pretty easy to get people going with the client- you setup their accounts and scripts on the server then all they need to do is login on their local machine. I also get to hear the Novell and Microsoft engineers rant with each other sometimes and the thing that stood out is that many of our Novell servers have been up for a few years with no downtime while many of the MS servers need attention every few months. With other features like Groupwise and Zenworks, Novell is a good option to look into if you want something other than Microsoft.

Thank you guys. Both replys were helpful. I just wanted to know what other people that's been around it, thought about it. So thank you.


I like Novell, but it has irked me in several ways

-- Can still get a OS2 / WARP free client, but have to pay for a Macintosh
-- Groupwise postoffices can be a bear to work with
++ Becoming more like Linux with how it does things, core OS
++ Lots of nice web tools to manage the server
++ New developments in printing and volume pools and sorts
++ Able to offer Native Macintosh and Unix/Linux access w/o client

I also like Novell's simple IPX protocol to uploading/downloading GHOST images of computers. Works well, and is simple. Can make a floppy disk network enabler quite easily.


Thanks Christian, very helpful relpy!

It's fine to me.
We use it at Uni. Don't have a problem with it.

Infact it is a great program to use especially if you want an account that sticks like glue to you and that you can access anywhere around the world.

it works and been around

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