Hey IT guys, totally new year but I'm anxious to get this problem solved. This is a problem of a neighbor of mine. We're both frustrated especially since it seems so easy to do.


*SBC Yahoo DSL modem......when it is not connected to the router but directly to the computer the POWER light is on and the DSL light is on but in order for the INTERNET light to go on you have to click internet explorer. This could be normal but I dont know....

*Using Netgear WTRG614 Wireless Router

So here we go,

1. Put in CD and go through setup plugging in cords the way it says and turning on the router and modem etc. etc. The cords are all in the right place 100% sure.

2. Then I get to activating account. It determined the type of internet is PPPoE and a screen comes up with "domain name", "login", "password", a few other options not very important I assume and an option to choose between dynamic IP and static. I figured dynamic would be the best.

3. I entered in the sbc yahoo e-mail address and password in login and password fields but then after that it says "error no internet". From what I heard, the login and password for connecting the router to DSL is the e-mail. If not, how do you figure out the right password and login? I figure that this is the problem right here. I know that the default password to get into the router is "admin" then "password" but that didnt work for that PPoE Activating Network screen either. The e-mail and password is just "full name" and then "last name". Did my neighbor change her password that they gave her or something?

"new here*" Thats funny I put "year"