Hello all, I appologize if this is a st**id question. I have a garage and house that are far enough apart to make wireless linking a problem, but the phone line that my dsl is on comes to the garage first then goes to the house. can I use 2 dsl modems on the same line with the same service? Running a new com cable would be prohibitive as all services are underground. I'm just looking for a way to use my broadband in the house and the garage. Thanks in advance, Andy

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You can't install two residential modems on one line (might be technically possible, but phone company wouldn't let you). What you can do is use Home PNA networking (google it, it can be hard to find the components, but it's doable). It uses adapters to run networking over phone lines.

If you were really adventurous you could probably modify a termination of the line on either end to be a 10baseT ethernet since there are enough lines. I don't think it would interfere with anything (or that ringing would burn out your network cards) but no promises.

whichever modem syncronizes with the ISPs dslam first wins, so... if you unplug one the other should work. It works better for PPPoE connections than DHCP because of lease times, but if you release the ip from the modem (router or pc if modem is bridged) before unplugging it will still work fairly smoothly without any additional costs or configuration

PPP means Point to Point. There is no room for a third node in the arcitecture, but you can run Ethernet on two twisted pairs of wires! Just use pins 1&2 with one pair, and 3&6 on the other pair to two RJ45 jacks, and a couple patch cords. Postback here if you need more details!

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It simply isn't possible , but what you can do is do the wiring on the walls or use existing resources to wire through the walls .

Or you could just use a modem which is also a wireless router .

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