Hi there people

i need a netwotrking soloution for a company with 2 sites 30km apart. 1 building is an office and the other is a warehouse. The office has 40 staff and the warehouse has 16 staff.

The office needs to be able to update the warehouse with orders and the office needs to recive information about the goods delivery.

What would be the best way to connect these 2 seperate networks??
Both need secure internet access and 3 IP address's have been allocated

Should i go with a VPN between the two sites then set up the IP for 2 static, 1 at each building, then 1 for dynamic for the office ( for future expansion and the use of laptops.)

Your help would be so gratefully appreciated

Given that it is only twenty miles you might get a good rate on a p2p T1 between sites. This would probably be the cleanest solution. (In the US?)

If that is too much $ you can do a broadband internet drop at each site and VPN
between sites. I am a Cisco junkie, I would think a pair of PIX 501's would do it for you.

Your addresses cover 772 usable IP addresses, I think you misunderstand (or mistyped) the ip info. Also if those IP subnets were not assigned to you by your ISP (probably not) it means you are not using private addressing outlined by RFC 1918, it may effect your ability to hit real websites in those ranges.

Hi there,

Thanks for responding to my thread.

I am not in the US no, but in the UK.

This is a college assignment that i have to provide a spec for and then carry out the practical.

This is my first real time doing it on my own.

I think i could go with the T1 link as its states that money is no object in my brief. Also what do you mean by the term "internet drop"??

The 3 IP address's were the ones laid out in the assignment. They are all class C IP address's arnt they?

I also need to draw to attention network security within the system.


any 1?

cmon guys help out a lil student here. you lot are all genious's.