I had a perfectly fine home network connected to a cable modem through a Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL Router. Now, because I am an IDIOT and installed the "Home Networking" software that comes with Windows XP, the only person who can get online is me--at a MUCH SLOWER rate. So, since I didn't really need the home networking software in the first place, and since my teenagers can no longer get online, I want to UNINSTALL the home networking software. I've been trying to do this myself without success. I could sure use some guidance.. Thanks.


by what I know, it really should NOT have caused a problem.......except I encountered problems of a similar nature a while back. After I ran the network setup, my wireless connection to my router became very unstable after working just fine for a few hours.

Entirely guessing here but, seems like it was trying to establish a separate connection to the other computer and was switching back and forth between using the network card to connect to internet and using it to connect to the other computer.

It was fixed after I went to the device manager and then disabled all the network adapters other than the one I recognized to be my network card, and also got rid of the network bridge that showed up on the network connections(one of the right click options, I don't really remember).