Right i have a linksys wag54g asdl gateway, and am having problems with it.

basicly one of the computers i am trying to let connect my network is unable to pick up the internet. he can acess the network AND msn and limewire(p2p) work, hwoever he is unable to acess the internet.

he is running windows xp.

i'm convinced its a problem with his computer rather then my network as 2 other computers can succesfully connect to the internet one of which also runs xp.

so what could be causing the problems???? some setting in xp? some vpn setting or have i been an idiot and set up the network wrongly???



at least you're lucky enough to get some kind of connection.. I think I have dropped the proverbial by getting the wrong Linksys router... (maybe) it's a Wireless G 2.4 Ghz54 mbs device .. just installed a G rated PCI card to my IBM upstairs and came down to my iMac to install the software for the Linksys - cannot do it! Do I need a download, a new router or blummin what? (Please be quick I have to return them soon if not wanted!)

I have a WRT600N router and it is working great except that it keeps slowing down on download.

I have been trying to get some help from Linksys for the past two weeks but all they can tell me is they have never heard of this.

I have 8MB download after I cycle power. After a week it is less than 1MB, after one day it loses about a meg. Every time I cycle power it goes back to 8MB.

The router is out of warrenty so I am willing to buy a new one but the reviews on the 610 are so bad and after not being able to get any help from Linksys I am thinking of getting a different brand.

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