Can I get some guidance on Bridging and Actiontec GT701 DSL Modem to a Linksys WR54G Wireless Router. I am currently using these items in my network and a friend suggested that I bridge the two to streamline my internet connection/communication. Ideas??? Thanks for any advice/guidance.

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How much do you know about this stuff?

The principle to follow is that your DSL modem will be doing the up front work logging on to the ISP in either PPoE or PPoA mode.

So when you attach the WR54G you should ensure that the router's access mode is DHCP, which should be the defauly for the router.

It should then work straight away.

This is what I've done, albeit with a Draytek router and prior to that a Belkin router.

Hope that helps.


I probably know enough to be dangerous. I have had the Actiontec DSL modem and Linksys router connected and working for some time both wired and wirelessly. The setting you mentioned for the modem and router are configured in that way, although I am not completely sure if the modem is setup on PPoE or PPoA but it is working fine. It just happened that when this friend of mine mentioned bridging, I thought I would inquire in this forum in case I missed something since I am not completely familiar with this terminology.

Based on what you have said, it would appear that I am already there...


It's the DHCP access mode that does the trick. It would seem to me that you've always been there and there is no improvement to be gained by changing anything.

What was your friend thinking would improve and why?


The impression I got from him was streamlined communication on the internet signal and less delay between the modem and the router. Personally, I think he might have been grasping since the system seemed to be running slow at the time due to processor activity.

I think I will leave the system alone since it is working. Thanks for the feedback...

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