I have a homework assignment, i need to network together four buildings with six floors each. Also on each floor containing at least 200 nodes. I am having trouble of getting started on this project, because i was just introduce to networking a few months ago. I am not asking for a whole lot of answers, just a few tips here and there, for example, what kind of cabling, how many routers/ switches/hubs or bridges might i need. so it will be alot of help if anyone has any suggestions.

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When doing a design I like to start at the core and work my way out. Design for the most critical things first (leave plenty of room for growth!) the work your way out.

Here are a few questions you will need to ask yourself:
-If I put a switch in the middle of each floor can I reach every workstation in 100 meters? If not where do the switches need to go?
-Can I run fiber between switch closets? It can run at 10/100/1000 and 10,000 Mbps so it can scale with your network and it is immune to EMI. Sometimes it is too expensive and you have to use cat5.
-When considering the campus, can you reach all buildings with MM fiber? SM fiber? Is their a high speed provider who can offer MPLS or SONET services? Otherwise you are down to looking at T1's and below. Don't forget point to point wireless if line of sight exists.
-Are there any gotcha's? Is there a reason that any workstation or server has to use an interface other than ethernet? (old token, twin-ax, etc)

There are a couple of things to get you started. If you post back some of your design thoughts I bet a few people here would have pointers for you.

Whilst I completely agree with W1r3sp33ds idea in a real life situation, I would work on this question in a different way.

1st I would draw a map of exactly what buildings are where, and how many floors and PCs are on each. I would suggest giving different numbers of PCs and equipment in each building and floor, as this allows for extra problem solving, which whilst basic would gain you extra marks in you assignment. Also give each area a specific operation that would refer to a real life make up of a company.

For example take a real life company, for example an insurance company. Research what departments are in each, and add this to your layout. For example, have a couple of floors each for;

Car insurance Sales
Personnal Accident Sales

How far you go with that I think will get extra marks.

Then put a layout of the buildings, are they in a line, (could you route fibre in a daisy chain), are they in a square formation, distances between each, where is the central IT department, servers and stuff.

In real life you would know exactly where everything is, who requires what services, and I think that doing this exercise will help you a lot more to decide on network equipment required. Once you've got a map, just add switches, routers, cables, as required

Hope this helps. ( I like the way that your posts are at 1352h, then 1347h and now 0930h on 3rd March)

20 PCs in each room

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