My systems:
Modem + Router Model: Netgear DG814
Firmware version: 3.9.122
Processor: AMD XP 2700+
RAM: 512MB
Browser: IE6
O/S: Windows XP SP2
Location: Victoria, Australia
Service Provider: Supernerd (
Broadband type: 256/64 unlimited

My Netgear Gateway's settings:
Encapsulation: PPPoE
Internet IP: Get Dynamically From ISP
DNS Address: Get Dynamically From ISP
MTU Size: 1492
Multiplexing Method: LLC-Based (another option is VC-Based)
Virtual Circuit VPI: 8
Virtual Circuit VCI: 35

2 days ago it worked properly with the same system.. But since yesterday, i couldnt get access to MSN messenger, hotmail, yahoo mail, yahoo messenger and many other sites. Websites that i still can visit are, netgear website, gmail, DaniWeb *fortunately* and some others.. I didnt change any settings at all, it just gone mad like tat..

I've read other threads, downloaded DRTCP021.exe and changed the MTU (but i really dont know what numbers should i use), changed the DNS to i dont know what else i can do... =(

I've called Netgear's tech support as well as Supernerd's tech support, but none of them helped...

Please guide me...

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1. Did you try to ping the sites that you cannot access?

2. Did you try an alternate browser?

1. Yes i did. For sites that i can access, there's no problem. But for sites that i cannot access, it will show connection timed out. Then i called the ISP tech support, they tried to PING my IP address, cannot reach me as well.

2) Yes, i tried FireFox. Same thing.

Very strange. You did of course disable all desktop firewalls?

If you cannot ping the url of the sites, did you try to ping their IP-Adresses?

Did you change the MTU on your PC AND on the router?

Yeh, i dont have any firewall softwares at all. I reinstalled my windows xp, all softwares werent working well (coz the registry changed) anyway. But then the technical ppl keep saying that they're very very sure that i hv something blocking me (either firewall or antivirus), but for myself, im very sure i dont have also, but then, how can we make sure, and show them wats running on my pc?

How to ping their IP addresses? ( is one of the sites i can visit, and is one of the sites i cannot visit)

I'm using MTU 1492 right now. I changed using the DRTCP software, and i go to (which is the setting page for DG814 modem/router) and changed the MTU to 1492 at the bottom. Means i changed both side. Do i need to do anything in the regedit thg? (how to change on the router?)

Yeh, i dont have any firewall softwares at all.

Yes you do, the one that comes with XP SP2. Just disable it.

The MTU: I think you should experiment a little bit with this value. First, do not change anything on the router, but do the following on your PC:

In the command prompt, enter ping -f -l 1492 and see if the pakets need to be fragmented. If so, lower the MTU value to 1480 and try again and so on, until you get a normal ping reply. Thats more or less the MTU value you should use for your PC. After editing the value with DRTCPIP, you have to restart your machine for the changes to take effect.

The DNS: is the IP of Try to ping that.


i lower down the MTU to 1373, it still said packet need to be fragmented...
then i lower it down to 1372, it said request time out...

1. What about pinging the IP of - did it work?

2. I have never done that, but it could be worth a try: start in safe mode with network drivers and try it from there!


hi.. try to reduce MTU size to 1024, then u can access ur n other sites too which u r not able to access:)

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