Just got new computer. but can get it online.

I have broadband motorola SB4100 cable virgin.
computer has all spec required.

I have been to int opt and told not to dial etc.
but the computer wont connect to internet.
I have done all basic tests.. cables turn off reboot.
when using virgin disc got message could not renew ip address DHCP.

went to website but nothing on how to get to work and dont have the money to pay the premium phone call fees.

can you give me step by step to get computer to intenet connecting.

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Are you using ethernet or USB to connect to the modem?
I have never heard of an ISP charging to check basic connectivity problems.
Post ipconfig /all.


standard ethernet connection.
Have put in ipconfig/all in start - run command window. and it went in ok.
But this got no where.


I have looked at other messages on ipconfig when I did it | did not get any info just another prompt when you put in do you leave space or is it all one word.

when I get responce what do I do with it and how does it help to get computer to access internet


ipconfig /all
Press enter to copy.
Paste in message window.
Once you post this info, we'll be better able to advise you.

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