I have a MSI RG54GS2 wireless router plus USB print server and a Netgear Rangemax Wireless router WPN824 V3. I have the netgear connected directly to a cable modem. I have been trying for the past couple of days to connect the MSI to the Netgear wirelessly using the WDS function on the MSI. I put the Mac of the netgear in the WDS of the MSI and have enabled wireless repeating function and have check the radio button "Wireless base station" on the Netgear in repeater Mac address 1.

I was able to connect locally to the other computer on the network from the MSI wireless but was unable to connect to the internet.

Can anyone relate to this and tell me where I am going wrong?



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I believe both routers must support WDS, and it looks as though the Netgear may not.

What is the wireless repeating option in the netgear for? I thought that was for the wds purpose (bridging).

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