I have a broadband modem connected to a Netgear WGT624 v3 router. I have recently added a Linksys 10/100 5-Port Workgroup Switch to branch out the wired network. The router is connected to an HP desktop running Vista, it works fine. The wireless also works fine. But anything connected to the switch is completely ignored. I have a line running from port 4 on the router to the Uplink port on the switch. I'm trying to connect a 360, old Xbox, Eee netbook, eMachines desktop, and Toshiba laptop through the switch. What could be causing this and what can I do to fix it?

is there a button on the switch that says uplink / normal some times that causes a issuse and the other thing i would say try a diffrent port and not the uplink one i ran into some issuse with those also if you have more then one router on the same network turn of the DNS on the wireless one so that it will get the dns from the main router

also if you are connected on that switch can you ping the router ?

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