Greetings all, I hope that someone can help me solve this problem that I am having.

I need to transfer some files from my sister's laptop to my PC and the only way to do this is via a Firewire cable, as her laptop does not have any other type of connection.

My PC XP Home SP2

Networks installed
Lan 1
Lan 2
DSL modem through USB
6 Pin Firewire

Laptop XP Home SP1

Networks installed

4 Pin Firewire

I have tried running network wizard on both PC's and I just cant get them to see each other. I have tried everything I can think of including disabling firewall's on both PC's but at no time can I get them to see each other. In fact in My Network Places when I click on View Workgroup Computer's they will only see themselves if they are attached to the net.

When I click on the icon both PC's report that the 1394 connection is connected, but neither report an IP address. Even in network connections when I set an IP it still doesn't report any.

Please help as I'm at the end of my tether



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You should be able to configure an IP address for each (make one and the other and connect them up, and fileshare across them. You will also need to setup sharing on one of the computers to be a temporary server, and the other computer needs to connect to that temp server.

If you need help with this, ask away.



Can you even connect two PCs using a Firewire cable though a normal OS procedure.

I'd be interested to know how it can be done without being very complex.

If you have a continued requirement, surely the PC has a USB port, why not get a cheapo USB pen key. If the laptop has a PCMIA (* or whatever it is) card slot, perhaps get a NIC for that. You can get firewire external HDD for fairly cheap, but if its just this once....

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