I am running a new Dell laptop with Vista. For three weeks, I consistently get "Server not Found" with a number of addresses but can connect if I persist. I upgraded my Netgear WGR614V5 router but am still experiencing the problem. Any suggestions would be helpful.

What addresses?

Thanks, hughv.

It can be any address because the problem is consistent. If I persist through "Try Again," I can connect after 1-3 attempts.

I uninstalled Norton Internet Security to see if it was responsible, but it was not. Same problem whether disabled or uninstalled. I don't have competing firewalls. My router has the latest upgrade. I can have no problem with "Server Not Found" using another wireless system running XP. The office PC, not wireless, connects beautifully. So I'm sure it's not the ISP. A friend connects here with no problems running wirelessly on his system.

Perhaps I have a bad wireless card in here.

Again, thanks for the reply.