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if u r using IE or Chrome browser. Go to Internet Options / Connections / LAN settings and then left the all of three options uncheked. i hope it might help u.

@caseyclark- No one on this site is going to assist you with regard to hacking a computer at a school.

HEy awl,
i am also facing the same problem, i read all the answers to this thread, but none of them helped me, i am using windows 8.1, i used ultrasurf for small period but after when i exit it, m not been able to use the internet with my default settings, however i unchecked all the three option in LAN settings, i have tried opera, IE, google chrome, and firefox,
but no result,
m very worried, i have already installed windows 4 times in just a period of 6 to 8 months,
i can't reinstall my windows

This problems has not been solved...who put it as solved..please tell me the detail

SOLUTION FOR FUTURE PEOPLE:Open ultrasurf, click the blue X that says exit. Instant fix.

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