I'm currently attempting with my very limited knowledge to setup a wireless network.

I have a wireless laptop, wireless printer and wired desktop.

Before I started the desktop internet worked no problem being wired through the router, all was fine.

Since getting the laptop to access the internet and printer wirelessly the desktop connection has been lost.

The only differences I can see is the laptop IPV4 is set to internet and the desktop says local. How can I change this to internet.

IPV6 is limited on the desktop.


Which Operating System are you using on your laptop?
Which device are you using, a DSL Modem or a Router?

Make sure that you have acces to your Router as admin and enable
Web Interface.

On your Computer ,look for Wireless Network Connection icon,just Right Click on it and click on Status and see what does it says after "Address Type" and what TCP/IP configuration are you geting.
Come back with the results