I have a little problem that i'm hoping you could assist me with.
There are websites that are blocked from accessing and I would like to inquire if there are any software's that I could download, or scripts I could use to allow me access.

We are on a LAN with a DNS, and a Proxy Server with port of 3128. When one tries to log onto Internet explorer, they are required to enter a user name and password prior gaining access to the internet. But only a number of sites are allowed to be accessed. I want to download videos and books(study purpose only).

Is there a way I can bypass this restriction, at the same time keeping my ip address anonymous?

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try to use a web based proxy... here is sample.

First thing is, what proxy server are you using? Is it squid? Second, are you inside an internal network? Third, are you the one who set-up the proxy?

Maybe there're some web filter rules applying by the proxy server,you should ask the administrator or who is manage the proxy server for help.

just like i seen in the comments above trying using that sample website. Also is a squid, what?

if you are facing problem to access some sites and they are block then you can use proxy changer to open it

If you really want to download study material, then you should ask permission to the administrator instead of trying to go around the LAN's restrictions.

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