Hi all,
I'm looking for some ideas for a masters project in network security or networking.

I wanted to do something on botnets as im very interested in them but am having problems understanding what i could achieve by doing a project on that.

I'd really appreciate some ideas..

Thanks :)

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I don't have enough knowledge about this matter.
i just suggest you should take help of any experience person or you also take help of search engine to find it.
Best of Luck

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Which type of IT security project you are searching?
Like Software based or hardware based?

If you are interested in software then you can make software for detecting network worm and you can also think about network management tools. Network management programs are potent application which allows webmasters, admins, and net providers to supervise any networked link and its applications. It is simple, economical and backed by prompt after service.
I think this will help you.


I am doing my project on Network Security with java code .Can you people can provide some source code needed for that


i want some ideas for IP network security. it should be based on any software language like c++ or linux etc.


please my dears....
help me to find an idea for security project for B-tech level?

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