Clean install of Winxp pro on Dell Latitude C600, 650mhz, 512mb ram. Latest bios v.A23. Device mgr does not detect nic. I am using a belkin wireless notebook card that works perfect. This is my neices lappy and she does not have a wireless router. She only has cable modem and needs to be able to use the RJ45 hookup. This laptop has a 3com nic card that device mgr does not detect. The following is what i have done so far with no results.
Clean install Dell winxp pro..
Low level formatted the hdd and partioned and install winxp pro with same results.
Checked bios setup, looks o.k.
Tried to install with add new hardwar...Comes back with only the belkin adapter and microsoft adapter. (Loopback & tun)
Ran two diff registry cleaners. Found problems & corrected.
Ran virus scan..Clean
I am at wits end..

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.

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You will need to look up the 3com's model number and download a driver for it i expect.


I did that a week ago. There are only two drivers listed for the C600 on the dell site. No good if your nic is not even detected..
Thanks for the reply.

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