does cox allow you to host your own webserver on their network?
And does any one know how to set up the members space they give you with your account? (ie.

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that link is not a page its just an example i made up

You should also contact them about this, they can probably give you a quick and accurate response.

Check out these pages:

As you can see, they block port 80 which is used to host websites. In addition, they limit the amount of bandwidth you're allowed to consume. They also routinely check all computers connected to their network for open server ports.

Yeah I'd think it's better to go with another host besides your ISP anyways, they usually don't offer much.

I'm on Comcast, and their Terms of Service (ToS) actually states that if you run a webserver (or any server for that matter), they reserve the right to cut off your service. I think that's pretty standard amongst cable ISPs, too.

Unless you want to start using DSL, I'd advise against running a web server on your home cable connection.

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