So what... They block port 80. Big whoop. Get a DNS client and shut up (lol). OOL has to be hands down the best ISP for the money outside Sweeden. I know all the capped @home people drool over our 100k - 175k upload speed, and our 400k download (those are actual speeds not some overstated number in bits.. this is true kilobytes). Comments...

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Yea I was just talking to Jimmy and he gets 300 or something upload ... I just tested and I got 900ish

Yeah no kidding it's werid how 400Up over here and a lot of places is super super fast compared to other cable companies. But 900up jesus!

My connection most of the time is 40 Times Faster then a 56K modem.

2000 (down) 400 (up)


Dude... what about sweden!!! 15-20 a month for t3!!! 30 bux a month for 100 mbps!!! come on... hands down amazing

Jesus I heard about that man oh man.

Over here seriously most of the US runs at like 20 times faster then a 56K modem.
1000 (down) 200 (up)
and most people think that is fast like seriously I have a fast cable connection then most T3 sounds sexy lol.

Most have broadband? BAH! lol

ool does rock i got 5000down/940up

Guys, that's real bad speeds for broadband. I got an average of 12.7 MBPS :o

wulabswutech ... what sorta connection are you using? cable modem or what? ;)

let us know, i for one am really curious

We're not looking at this (OOL Broadband) from an office perspective. Were asking a simple question....

What kind of internet can you get for $29.99 in a home, designed for home use, with claimed 10Mbits down and 1Mbit up and actual speeds of 650kilobytes down and 135kilobytes up?

There simply isn't anything like it. If all home cable modems and dsl lines were put on a big map, we would be a large number higher then even the #2 best.

As for the TCP port 80 blocking, it not any problem. I'm hosting a website (that can be found here. Also, I'm pretty sure that OptOnline does not block TCP port 25. I've never had that much use for SMTP server on my network!, and you could say I've been around the block a few times with internet oriented servers.

Finally, if you really wanted to host a serious website, then you probably would want to upgrade your service to a better line, or at least an upcapped cable line. You can contact Lightpath (a service of Cablevision, the company that owns Optimum Online) for a full, uncapped cable line, a T1, T3, ATM, and more broadband lines.

Hope this clears everything up for you.

In reply to whatever I've seen looking at all your posts.

Cable is 10Mbps.
Cablevision's Optimum Online is 1Mbps up and 10Mbps down in Long Island (afaik)
TCP 25 is also blocked (like you said, 80, too)
Optimum Online freezes on concurrent uploads and downloads (they *claim* this is the fault of the cablemodem)
T3 is 44.736Mbps (T1 is 1.544Mbps) so don't through around words.
If you say you're paying $15-20 a month for T3, there's something you're not telling us.

Have a nice day.

Office perspective?
How's this for an office perspective:
"Business" Optimum Online also blocks 80 TCP and still lacks the support and reliability that the "residential" service lacks, but at least it's more expensive.

a) It's $49.99 per month under contract now, I believe.
b) It's theoretically 125kBps up and 1.25MBps down.
c) Cablevision is a monopoly on cable services, so I guess the answer would be none.

Nothing like it? See (c).
Cablevision would be #2 because it's in the NY Metro area (along with the tristate area), it has a consumer base in the millions (who are mostly at least financially sound), its gross annual income is estimated at around $100,000,000 for 2001(

It's not any problem for you because you're using a hosting company in The Netherlands.
As for TCP 25, they recently removed the filter.
I'll take your word about being around the block.

This isn't about hosting a "serious website". This is about getting the service you pay for. I doubt you can upgrade to an "uncapped cable line", at least legally.
Lightpath is not owned by Optimum Online. Optimum Online, as well as Lightpath, Rainbow Media Holdings, Madison Square Garden, The NY Knicks, Rangers, WNBA Liberty, Clearview Cinemas, Radio City Entertainment (which owns Radio City Music Hall), iO: Interactive Optimum and The Wiz are "services" of Cablevision.

Also, Lightpath isn't the only broadband vendor.

Ron - I didn't say that LightPath was owned by OptOnline! In fact, I said that OptOnline and LightPath were owned by Cablevision, which is owned by CSC Holdings, Inc.

As for your comment about a serious website, my website is a serious website. We got over 3000 hits in 3 days, and it didn't have one problem. Its being hosted on port 200, but the average joe could never figure it out. The DNS provider, .tk, has a redirector service that will redirect to a url (http://myip:200/) and hide that in the address bar. Simple enough, and even dns2go has these features.

12.7MBps is pretty much dual OC connections. I'm sure you have that.. OOL is 10Mbps down and 1Mbps up for 40$ a month if you already pay for cable TV.

I am on a OC-3072 I supply your ISP's with bandwidth.


Now that we know that Jimmy was here... dare I say ?? HUH ??

lol yep just showing off that is all lol

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