Hi I allowed A flatmate of mine who understands much more about computers than i do set up some stuff on my new laptop and installed some stuff..he downloaded a programe called teamveiwer and when i saw what he did I uninstalled it.. Howver I had to give him pasword for my unit and i can't change it is a netbook and had no drive.
I don't trust him and have discovered that he has been "pinging" my computer and also attempting to access udp port 1900. I need to know what he could have been doing with this activity and what else he could still do now that I;ve banned him..I haven't spoken to him yet and would like as much info as possible before I talk to him..I also noticed a whole lot of other computers have been pinging miene from all over the world..
He has linked up his computer to mine ad I want him to be unable to do anything else..Also if he's been doing anything illegal and maybe dragging me with him I need to know/
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teamviwer is a program so he can login to your pc remotely, Pings can occur all the time there programs out there that can constantly ping machines just put up a good firewall like zone alarm or something and make sure windows firewall is turned on. Do have a firewall going out to the internet from your router? I think zone alarm will also tell you what port and from what ip you are getting the ping from. Also run a good malware anti-virus and make sure no keystroke programs where installed.

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