To get things started, I get bored at uni and want to play some games but i want to know if there is any way i can connect my laptop just to my mates laptop threw a wirless connection, just like you can do with a cross-over cable. can anyone tell me how i can set this up


What you want to setup is an "ad-hoc" connection, provided both laptop wireless cards support the feature. Going off memory....disable any third party wireless setup utilities and just use the built-in Windows XP wireless configuration software (I am using SP2 in this guide by the way).

  • Head into the properties of the wireless network connection.
  • Click the Wireless Networks tab and then Add...
  • Specify an SSID (this identifies your network).
  • Choose some encryption if you want (you will need to pick out a "key" as a password into the network).
  • Tick the "This is a computer-to-computer (ad-hoc) network" checkbox.
  • Click OK.

Now, that should initialise the ad-hoc network. The other PC is supposed to automatically detect it, but if not, add it manually using the steps above.