:cry: guyz i m using LAN cable net

my server ip is and my ip is i m using ISA firewall and other server is at using squid and linux

siimply to say i wana share my net with my other 5 pc's i have switch too ..

what i should do .. for doing this ..

plz reply .. thnx in advance ..waiting

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10 views and no replies :( .. not good guyz plz help me out thnx

Welcome to DaniWeb, try not to get frustrated if you see the views count up without a response.

Can we assume that your ISA box is your firewall and squid is a web cache only (or is it in proxy mode as well?)

What exactly is each box for and what are you trying to accomplish? (are you trying to run the cache in a DMZ?)

"LAN cable net" Are the three pc's hooked together via cross over cables? (if so which box has dual NICs?)

It sounds like you should just need to assign the pc's addresses and ensure that your ISA has PAT configured for all of the addresses assigned, drop in the switch and you should be fine. More information is needed to be sure, it would be helpful if you could post a diagram of what you are trying to do (a picture is worth a thousand words!)

first of all thnx a lot for at least listening .. yeh you get so close

i m just asking .. let suppose i have my computer .. its geting connection from gateway or server ip my pc ip is .. i wana share my net with other .. 5 pc .. what i should do now .. shold give them my ip or the server .1 ip thats it .. thnx

What kind of internet connection do you have?

Do you have a router or firewall on that connection?

Do you have two NIC's in your ISA?

install samba applet in linux, that protocol will allow u talk to any other os. cheer

yeh i have 2 nic's or firewall what i think is i get one wire out of my 2nd nic and put that into switch and then connect other with switch and give ip of my pc .. i think it will work

what you all say .. it work or not


I find it most helpful if diagrams are attached so that we can see what the real network looks like, and we are all on the same page. That way, we do our best to avoid confusion.

If you can draw one or make one, I'd be happy to look at it. Also, let us know if sharing the network means simple internet access, or if you want to share files too. Clear descriptions are the best way to go.


YEH .. i want reply like christian that at least some where trying to get the basic idea ok i'll simply draw pic in paint and attaach with it

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