ok guys heres the story...

We have at present 1 main office and 2 sub offices

all 3 have cisco pix's connected together via vpn.

also have guys that can connect from home and auteticate at the main office pix

Dublin (main office)subnet :
Belfast Subnet :
Ashbourne subnet :
Home users static pool :

At present dublin can ping out to all offices and home users that are connected.
But belfast cannot ping ashbourne,
Home user cannot ping belfast or ashbourne and so on.

What statements can i add to route through the dublin pix for a home user to be able to access a shared folder in ashbourne.

Or can it be done??

Please help

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Originally the PIX was certainly not designed that way. There have been, and soon will be some really big advances in routing on the PIX platform but I cannot comment on it's exact status on current code.

If at all humanly possible I would be looking at moving the data out of the shared folder at the remote site and onto a server at the central site. Sorry I can't be more help on this one.

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