Hi! I want some help here. I have tried everything but nothing seems 2 work. I have home LAN with 2 computers both having win xp. the network was working perfectly, till some days before but is not working now. i cannot access the comps in lan neither can i share the files. i can ping the client IP but not the host IP? plz tell me wats wrong??
Thanks a lot.... in advance....

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If you're working with XP SP2, the first thing you should try is to completely disable the built-in Windows firewall on both machines.

All the firewalls are disabled but its not working still.

Is there a router or other firewall between the other systems?

- As Zachery is suggesting, please give us a specific description of your network configuration.

- Do the machines all still have Internet access, or are there problems with that as well.

- Can you think of anything that happened around the time that you lost connectivity which might have contributed to the problem?

- What exact message do get from the failed pings?

- Are you using DHCP, or are you assigning IP info manaully.

ok. I have 2 computers in Lan whose ip is manual. the ip is n
there's no firewall b/w the 2 as i have disabled it...
the net is restricted 2 only 1 comp which connects 2 the net. the other 1 does not have access 2 net through lan..
while pinging.... the script reads as---- " windows cannot find '\\comp'. Check the spelling and try again, or try searching the item by clicking the start button and clicking search."
and i really don't noe wat happened 2 the network. i had my exams n did not touch my comps 4 about 2 months. my brother was using it when he was here... but he stays in another continent altogether..
plz help me out... i m stuck with this 4 weeks now...

n 1 more thing....
the comps r both 'client' n the host comp can ping itself but cannot ping the other comp n the other comp can't ping itself but can ping the host comp --- that is using the ip address.

To start with- when you post, please use full words and sentences.

The lack of proper punctuation in your posts, combined with your use of contractions and substitutions (such as using "n" instead of "and", "4" instead of "four", "2" instead of "to", etc.) makes your posts more than a bit difficult to follow.

- Your description of your network setup is still unclear. For example, you said: " the comps r both 'client' n the host comp can ping itself". What host? What clients? You originally said that you have two computers, but what I just quoted above makes it sound like there are three. Please clarify.

- How are the computers networked together? You didn't tell us if you're using a router or switch, or if the computer are simply connected directly together with an Ethernet cable.

- If one of the computers can't even ping its own IP, that is a problem. On both computers, please run the following command from a DOS window and post the results that the command gives you for each machine:

ipconfig /all

the lan connection at the office was ok i was able to play counter strike with my officemate...but then the next we were unble to connect with each other i cant see the lan connect on the counter strike

The same problem i am facing

i cannot connect to another computer i have xp2 and the other one is laptop machine and have windows 7 i am using wateen device.

Please help me out

Hey people, this thread is like 5 years old. Please open new threads with your special LAN problems, and somebody will be pleased to help you. No-one will help you while hijacking a 5 year old thread.

pls help me when i conect ma pc lockal network.i have 5 pc conect with one an other with tha help of internet switch.all pc connectivite are coming ,sent and rec or coming but sharieng folder can not access pls help what can i do

please create a new thread as this thread is too old. after you create a new thread and specify your problems. then we will try our best to help you

That is a great link ashily24dee.

ali kahn , if you are using winXP and win7 ,you have to create or enable guest user from the control panel , make a password for this user
Stop the firewall too.

Check whether your firewall is on to block all incoming connections, if it is turn your firewall off. About having a guest account, i am not very sure. No harm trying that

Hi all, I am also having similar problems. I'm no whizz at technological things so I'll try my best to describe what i am needing help with...

My computer uses a broadband connection. Every light on the modem is green apart from the "ETHERNET" light. All these lights used to work about 20minutes ago, now this one doesn't. I rung my provider and they said that there are problems with the "LAN" or something. I need to reinstall this but I've lost the installation cd so any help provided by this site would be greatly appreciated... Any ideas on how to reinstall without the cd?

Can you tell me what modem are you using and router if you are using one?

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