:eek: ? I have a XP Pro puter with P4 3.06 processor most of the other bells and whistles. I have a Win 98 , updated from Win 95, with a Pent. MMX, 200mhz processor, very old and slow. Can I network these two togather and have the old puter access net thru new puter? Old puter would not accept ip software on its own, to slow. I understand that I would need two ethernet cards and a hub for actual physical connection, but will the slower puter work thru the new one? I use the new computer for online gaming and do not want to affect the gaming. Can they both be online at same time,I have an ADSL connection thru verizon. Any thoughts would be apprecciated, do not want to spend if it will not work anyway!
ty Norm :mrgreen:


On the old computer: install a single network card, and configure it with a static IP on the same subnet as the new computer. Use the hub to connect the computers together.

On the new computer: install the second ethernet card. Setup one card to work with the internet connection (ASDL) and the other card to connect with your old computer. On this computer, check out what Internet Connection Sharing is all about, and set it up so that the old computer can see the internet through this box. Also setup firewalling and protections. Realize too that the new computer has to be on in order for the old one to see the network.


Convert the old computer to Linux, which has a very robust internal routing scheme available to it. Install both network cards onto this Linux computer. Setup a firewall. Away you go.


:rolleyes: Thanx Christian 4 info. Did not want to spend money 4 nothing.
Do you know if this will imping on the new puters gaming performance. I figure it would if both puters were trying to access the net.
at same time. I already do not like the gaming performance as is.
2nd ?
Used my isp for months with just 1 network connection setup in connections folder. I called it lan connection 2. Recently my isp said I must also use a PPPOe wan network connection in tandem with my current lan connection 2.
Both must be on to get access. My bandwidth changed from 1.6 mhz to 1.3 mhz. Could you please explain what that is all about? :sad:

I can answer this:

First of all, drop the abbreviations. The performince on your puter will not be imped one bit. Why use abbreviations where in a forum you want to be as clear as possible, so you can get the best help?

As far as your connection is concerned. You've got to use PPPoE so they can authenticate you on their network. When you say you're running 1.6mhz, do you mean 1.6Mbps? More than likely so. Did they change any aspect of your account? Your best bet would be to call the ISP and ensure that your connection and phone lines are as clean as they possibly can be.

:) Thanx alc, you were right it was mbps. Not a typer that is why abbreviations. As far as PPPoE, right now its disconnected, a prompt for installation cd came up on a reboot of system. So I put it in without connecting PPPoE, the cd configured thru the onboard Lan connect and here I am, not using the PPPoE connection. It is also running at 1.4> 1.6 mbps as at begining of service. The PPPoE connect was at 1.3 mbps, go figure. I have also been told that I can drop all verizon softrware and connect thru my network connections only. I just need the proper info. This I might try. Verizon refused to give me the 3mbps service others seem to be getting. I play Fighter Ace and lag is death. Why would I want a slower service if it costs the same? Wish I new how to reduce the number of hops between me and Fighter Ace server. Right now it takes 16 hops. TY for yor efforts.
Norm :cheesy: :lol: