Hey me an some mates wanted to play AoE 2 three player so i linked my best computer (vista) to my old laptop and to an old desktop (both XP). When we tried to play a match it wouldn't work because the old laptop and old computer don't want to link to each other but only to the vista computer, so i can play 2 player (vista computer to laptop or vista computer to old desktop computer) but i can't play three. I have connected all of them using a modem/router and they can all access the internet. The vista computer can file share with both of them but they can't can't with the it. Any advice on how to make them all share with each other instead of just the vista computer would be great.

You do not say which version of Xp you are using. You will have to make sure that you have service pack 3 on both the older XP machines as the network sharing etc is diffent in SP3

Are you sure that all the computers have shares and permissions set for access and also pass word sharing disabled is 'unabled' to let sharing happen.

Some software will not allow being worked over a network!