Here is my problem.

I have two Intranet servers(Server1 and Server2)

and I have one application Application1 in server1 and another Application2 in Server2.

So I access both the applications in the following way.

http://Server1/Application1 and http://Server2/Application2

Now the requirement is that I should be able to access the Application2 as follows.

http://Server1/Application2 without changing URL even after redirection to http://Server2/Application2

Is there anyway for doing this ?

That isn't necessarily a good idea. You can run in to problems with frames/cookies/shared application states/etc. Did you write the applications or can you integrate them on the back end? What webserver and what type of application are you dealing with?

Application1 in Server1 is using IIS and Applicatio2 in Server2 is using Apache.