I originally asked for help on a spyware forum thinking that the cause of my problem was of that nature, but it turned out that my computer is clean.

Basically, I can connect to the internet but none of my browsers (IE, Firefox, chrome) will display/load anything. I can still log onto Windows live messenger and my antivirus can still update itself.

I have tried turning off my firewall and antivirus, using the winsock fix, resetting my browsers' settings, but none of that worked.

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hmm.. thats new... I can only think to suggest uninstalling than reinstalling, i doubt it has anything to do with your firewall because that should never completely stop a browser, if this doesn't work, download patches for the browsers.. Although if you cant use a browser, how can you browse the web :S ??


yes, than get the installations for your preferred web browser and reinstall that.. although i highly doubt there could be a corruption in the install for three different Browsers. i could also suggest going to your local hardware store and purchasing a hammer? :P


I suspect some problem with my network settings, but that is far beyond my understanding

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well when a browser is loading it should show an note down the bottom - connecting to etc. it definatly could be an IP adress problem or Port problem. Change this in, tools up the top of the browser and in internet options.


Look through advanced settings to see if your browsers are configured to use proxy or not. It should also say looking or searching for proxy while trying to connect if this is the issue.

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