I have a linksys wrt5g v8 router that has been experiencing intermitting disconnecting of the wireless laptop. I went to Linksys website and downloaded firmware update and followed directions to the letter. The upgrade never did say it was completed as the website told me it should. Now when I go into my router settings it tells me that it has been upgraded to ver 8.00.06 but the router is not working properly. The font for the different settings is all messed up and I cannot get into the Administration tab or the Status tab. The administation tab only says an_ipaddr on a blank white screen and the Status tab only shows a bunch of funny looking iiiiiiiiiiiii and the symbol B6€ under it on a white screen. Please help me fix this or set it back to the factory defaults if possible.


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Install DD-WRT.

what is that. do i have to install from the router because I cannot get in to the administation tab where you install firmware upgrades

I cannot get into the wireless tab either. just a blank white page


Do some google searching on making your linksys router boot up to maintenance mode. Something like holding the reset button so long after the power. I can't remember exactly.

But after you do that, the linksys will then respond to TFTP and you can reload your firmware via tftp. It works perfectly when I screwed up a few WRT54GS's with openwrt. It always restored it back to a working condition.

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