Hi People, I have an old Lexmark Optra T610 laser printer and would like to connect it to my new D-Link Xtreme N Gigabit router. The router has a USB port and according to some documentation I found online, a usb printer can be connected there for sharing.
I am not sure whether the router has a built-in printer server or whether it can accommodate my printer for sharing. I am trying to use the printer from my PC which does not have a wirless adapter.
I have installed the driver and the printer on my PC while the printer is connected to the usb port on the router. The icon has a green tick next to it which shows that it is installed ok but I still cant print a test page nor any other text file.
Can anyone advise on whether I can connect the laser printer to the router for sharing (wired) and how I can go about setting up the printer to work, or do I have to purchase a wireless card for my pc to connect wirelessly?.
I am using win7 32bit. Thanks

i'd plug it into the pc first to see if it works at all.

because older printers often do not work at all with win 7 as there are no drivers for win 7.

xp printer drivers absolutely will not work.

i tried to browse to support.lexmark.com to see if there's a win 7 driver there for that printer, but the page won't display... check there for drivers, if not... sorry...

Thanks for your response. Yes the lexmark printer works from my pc as when I clicked the update lexmark drivers in the device manager, win 7 found and installed the correct driver. I guess I should have searched the router disk before posting questions as I found a program called share port utility that has to be installed on each computer that will use the usb share. I have not yet cpmpleted the setup but will post the results later for anyones perusal.

I installed the usb share utility and it worked. The only problem is that there is also a mac on the other side of the room that needs the printer as well, and due to the ommission of a mac utilty I will have to wait until d-link makes a driver or beta available. Only found this out after I had bought the router. Maybe I will get it right next time but for all ms windows pc's, it should work fine. I am marking the post as solved. Thanks for your help everyone.