hi let me tell you the problem i currently facing in our company we have a workgroup network connected to ISP DHCP server through a cisco 8oo router but two of my computers on second floor they fail to connect both the network and the internet i tried different thigs to solve the problem but it won't work i brought one of the computer in my office and i cheked it. it works i took my cable and go to the second floor then i cheked it doesn;t work i cheked all the cable on the second floor i didn't see any problem if some one can help me please send me your solution as fast as you can .

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How is the computer on 2nd floor connecting to your hub/switch? Is it a direct run? Is there a cross connect? Is there a patch panel on the 2nd floor?

If you tried the PC in your office and it works, then its not the PC.

If you take your working PC and (what I assume is a working patch cable) up to 2nd and it fails. Then it sounds like a cabling issue to me.

You would need a cable tester to shoot the line and look for loss of connectivity, crossed pairs, shorted pairs, etc....

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