Here's the problem. Bought a new wireless printer, HP B209a. Have a wireless router, Belkin, been using it for years. I take it, the printer, out of the box, follow all the instructions on setting it up, run the setup program in a laptop, following all on screen instructions. It gets the printer connected to the router, the little blue light comes on, and all seems well. Then it gets to the part where the computer is to be connected to the printer. Now, the computer has been connected to the infonet (internet) the whole time. The little blue light is on, so the printer is connected as well, I even printed off the wireless config sheet from the printer to confirm that it was, in fact, connected to the correct network, and communicating with the router as it should. All seemed to be going as planned. Then, the setup program started checking the wireless connection between the computer and printer. Says there is no connection. Make sure there's an open port at 427, udp, in the firewall. I do. Says the printer is at So, I tried putting that in. Still no luck. So, I tried turning the firewall off completely, still no luck. So, I figure it must be something in the router. I go to cmd. Type in ipconfig. Default Gateway is, So I open the browser. Type in the ip address. Hit enter. Problem loading page. Try again. Same as before. So, now I can't get to my router's settings. I am so confused I'm considering just throwing all of it in the trash, getting some stone tablets, a hammer, and a variety of chisels, and writing on them. Anyone know the postage for stone tablets these days? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, and have a great day.

Little update, I have since succeeded in getting into the router. Changed a few things around, and still no luck. I'm stumped.

So it looks like your router is at
Your printer is at
Your PC should also be on the 192.168.2.x network. (check this by running ipconfig).

For testing, turn off the windows firewall. Turn off any other firewalls (i.e. Symantec end-point).

From the PC, ping the printer "PING". You should get a reply. Do you see this? If you don't, then there is some basic connectivity issue at play.

If you do get a replay, then all the wireless stuff is set up correctly. Then you can look for other issues. Some suggestions: make sure you download the latest version of the 'setup' application from HP's site and use that instead of the packaged CD. You could also just forgo the setup and map the printer via IP address and use the drivers. This would require making sure the printer had a reserved DHCP address from the router to avoid future issues.

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