i am facing a trouble with No or Limited connectivity
I wanna t know what all are the symptoms for this issue
& how can i resolve this...
hope i will get any help...

Thank You,

Re: No or Limited connectivity 80 80

what are your TCP/IP settings?

Re: No or Limited connectivity 80 80

its a spectranet broadband connection.... that automatically picks up the IP address
but some times it shows no or limited connectivity...
Kindly suggest........

Re: No or Limited connectivity 80 80

I think no one is good in ans
But i really got the one that works perfect
Method 1: Go my computer - manage - Device Manager - double click network adapter - properties - Advanced - select duplex- change automatic to 100 mbps

Method 2: Go to run - gpedit.msc - administration template - network analyst -
i dont remember the whole step but all we have to change 20 % reserve to 0 %
the internet speed will automatically increase...

It works try you good guys...

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