Hi there,

A friend of mine asked me to help him with his home network. The router he has has 2 computers connected to it by cable and a few laptops wirelessly. The issue concerns the computers wired to it.

Computer 1 can access the internet fine if Computer 2 is turned off. If Computer 2 is turned on when Computer 1 is already on, then both can access the internet. If Computer 1 is turned on while Computer 2 is already on the internet, then Computer 1 cannot get on to the internet, and receives the error message: "a network cable is unplugged".

I have tried setting up a static IP for computer 1 but that didn't change anything.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Make sure you using dhcp on the router and remove any static entries. THis will ensure all ip info is correct.

You need to provide mor einfomation on the rest of the hardware.
This could also be caused if you have a simple hub and a modem. If you do have a router reset it and reconfigure it or try to test temporarily with another router it could be shot.

Good luck

1. Firmware fixes most of the issues. Check for any available firmware specific for your router.
2. Do Check the IP from the modem. If it is private then this is the culprit. The IP from modem should always be public.
3. Try changing the LAN card speed to 10 half duplex.
4. If neither of the steps work and things are fine with the IP address then Reset and reconfigure the router.

The above steps should work for the problem mentioned.


Thanks a lot for the replies guys, i'll try your suggestions when I next get a chance, and report any results.