could any1 help me by providing the way how to solve the Packets send not receive issue...?

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What issue is that?

What kind of network environment are you on?
What device are you sending packets to?
What tools are you using to test this?

nothin its jus a bsnl connection or say spectranet cable broadband connection
in the right side task bar click Local area connection you wil see packets received will be more & sends will be less ..........
But in my case i am only able to sent the packets but not receive it...
whereas if the same i connect to laptop i am able to perform.....
Need Help....

can you ping outside your LAN?

It's complicated, you can use some sniffers to capture your traffic to analyze why you are missing packets.

It's not any problem ,Data sending and receiving depends on your internet Cable connection frequency or Bandwidth.Sometimes a lot of traffic on network automatically create delay receiving.

I hope you are right..
But is it possible if i connect my Laptop its traffic is clear..
But on desktop traffic is full...!

I think no one is good in ans
But i really got the one that works perfect
Method 1: Go my computer - manage - Device Manager - double click network adapter - properties - Advanced - select duplex- change automatic to 100 mbps

Method 2: Go to run - gpedit.msc - administration template - network analyst -
i dont remember the whole step but all we have to change 20 % reserve to 0 %
the internet speed will automatically increase...

It works try you good guys...

Contact your ISP provider from where Internet connection is reached to your destination.check the modem status or else check your desktop PC LanCard replace it once and try connecting to Internet.


There will be a 3 way handshaking in Flag and this is SYN----SYNACK----ACK if the requestor is requesting sends a response from source and if there is no response from destination and the requestor keeps on sending requests in that case it is sending packets and receiving or synack is not happening from destination then the packet drops and there is no proper handshaking.

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