hello !
i am shail, and i need ur favor..
i want to access web page using the binary of its ip address....
for eg:- www.google.com has ip address & in its binary form it is (01001010.01111101.01000011.01100100)
when i mention the ip address it redirect me to google.com but when i mention binary coded ip address in the address bar it displays a error of broken link.
kindly help me out as soon as possible.

if any 1 have the solution for the posted thread, please care to reply.

That isn't a valid URL so it is up to the browser on how to handle it. Most browsers have a "default search provider" that will take invalid strings entered in the address bar and submit them to the search provider as a search query.

That being said you should consider writing a plugin for the browser you want this behavior on (IE, FireFox, Opera, etc).

i got the solution, in which i firstly get the IP address from cmd ping, and then converted the IP address into Binary And then to the decimal of the solution & it works Ican access the websites by using the 8 or 9 digits numbers...

Thanx and regard to every 1 viewed this thread.