Could someone please help me? I have searched through articles for hours and cannot find the answer on my own, so this will be my first post in asking for help.

I have two laptops one PC and the other MAC. My mac will connect to the internet via wireless network with no problems.

I can not connect to the internet on the PC laptop. The wireless network is showing 1) Status : Connected 2) very good signal strength.

I tried start-run-cmd


4 packets sent - 4 received - 0 lost

Still does not connect to the internet

Thank you

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If this works:
4 packets sent - 4 received - 0 lost

Then it seems that your connection is good. Check your DNS. DO you get DNS servers from DHCP? If yes, make sure you dont have some static entries in there. compare the dns IP to that of the mac.

On the PC, you can run nslookup and try any domain name (i.e. www.google.com) and see if you get a response. If you don't then its a resolution issue.

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