I recently bought a wireless notebook and a wireless router so that I can connect the notebook to the internet from other areas of the house. It is a Linksys WRT54GS. The configuration looked so easy but at the end of it, it says it cannot connect to the internet or be configured...or something like that. Given the number of times I have seen that message, you would think I would remember the exact wording! I tried resetting my modem etc. powering down and up again, but even though I have the Local Area Connection icon on my taskbar which says I am connected, I cannot get to any browser. So I am on but not on!

I have a LAN broadband connection with DHCP enabled, IP to be obtained automatically. I firstly just picked the DHCP option on the router configuration panel and then tried the Static IP but neither worked. Each time I get the same message that the router cannot detect internet connection. Each time I try, I reset the router. The notebook is picking up the signal from the router but, of course, cannot connect to the internet, because the router is not connecting to the internet.

I printed out the manual and it says to access the routers IP address at but I get a message that it does not exist, so can get no help there.

Please advise.

You need to be a bit more specific as to the problem.
1/ I guess you can talk to the router using your web browser? If not you should start by connecting to the router using an Ethernet cable.
2/ the IP address is the default address of the router for you to configure it from your home network. You will need to configure your computer to an IP address on the same subnet (i.e. or use DHCP on your computer. The router usually has the ability to allocate your computer an address by default.
3/ once you have connected to the router point a web browser at the IP address above ( You should now be asked to log into the router (Usually admin and you default password will be in the manual)
4/ the first page of the config will ask you to enter your user name and password for your ISP (Internet Service Provider) you will also need to know the type of connection (Typically ATM) and any PVC's etc. You will need to confirm these from your ISP. IF these are incorrect you will NOT connect.
5/ once configured you can check if you have a connection from one of the other tabs across the top in the web interface on the router. It should show if you are connected. If not you either have an incorrect configuration option in item 4 above or your ISP has a fault. Either way your ISP should be able to help you, phone their help desk. If they don't convert to another ISP, we should not encourage poor service by giving them business.
6/ If your router is connected your PC should be connected. You may however not be able to web browse if you have not configured the DNS settings if you manually configured the IP address. In the status window on your router it will show if you are connected and also the IP address on the internet side plus the DNS settings. If you use the DHCP option on your PC these settings will automatically be allocated, however if you connected prior to the router being connected to the internet it may not work immediately. Once you have found the DNS settings you can update your manual IP config with the DNS IP addresses.
7/ Testing, if you start a DOS prompt (Sometimes called command prompt by MS) and use the ping command to test the internet. Try "ping www.cisco.com" if this does not work test you internet connection first start by pinging your router "ping" next ping your ISP. You should be able to work out where the problem is. Then come back with more specific questions.
8/ If you are trying to set up the wireless I suggest start without security, and then add it once connected. Also using the cable connected to the router to update the config, can help prevent mistakes.

I hope it is not too early to rejoice but I seem to have sorted the problem. The Linksys router is in fact easy to install....the problem stemmed from the fact that my DSL modem was set up as a LAN connection instead of DSL I called my IP first thing this morning and they walked me through the conversion and the router configured with no problem. Just hope I get no more problems!

Many thanks, dprke, for your support and help.

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