Ok me and our class were asked to re-build and update our schools web site. Now i wanted to see if i can implament a FTP service in the school`s site so the teachers can copy some files in a folder called FTP so when the students need to access files, they can. Now the file is easily accesible by the teachers in our school server so thats not a problem.

The problem is that i havnt done any FTP within the past 2-3 years, so i forgot how-to do it. Also i want to know if there`s a way that the students can access there user accounts by FTP. All the accounts are password protected and musnt be accesible by some other person.

So our server runs on novell 4 if i remember, and some pc`s run win Xp and others 98... So if you need further info that i didnt specify just ask, coz i dont know what i need for this to work

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I hope you're the schools admin or have them assist you with this.

ya im not admin but im working with our schools admin, so ya i have acess to it

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