I currently have two desktops and one laptop in the same workgroup.
The desktops have XP PRO and the laptop has a VISTA OS I am the Administrator on all PCs.
I can see both Xp's when openning the Network on the Vista.
I'm sharing a folder in my vista with the xp's and they are working ok.
My situation is trying to give permitions only to one user on the xp's. I tryed to add \\xp1\user name to the permitions but I can't seam to find any of the XP's in the permition only the vista shows up. How can I give permitions to the that user only.

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If I am understanding you correctly you want a specific user on the XP systems to be able to access certain shared directories on the Vista system. In order to do that you will need to create a user on the Vista system(I would suggest a limited user) with the same name and password as the user on the XP system you want to access the files.

Thanks rch1231 for your reply.
Before I try that does that mean if I have total of lets say 6 users 3 in each XP pc do I need to add those six users on the vista PC?
Or is there a different way to do that.
I do know that in the Server 2003 R2 we can just add the the users of the XP pc to the domain. I was woundering if we could do something like that in Vista. But vista does not seam to have a Domain.

Sounds like you are using a Vista Home edition (can't join a domain)

Thanks jakob for your reply.
Yes I have The Home edition. I guess I'll just have to wait until I Upgrade to Windows7

Joining the domain is not an issue since you do not have a domain or domain controller setup so Vista home will work fine.
Concerning the users on the XP systems it depends on if the users are all going to access the same set of folders or not. If they are then just set up one user on the Vista system and in the options for mapping the network drive use the option to access the folder using a different user name. If they are going to access different folders you will need a user with the permissions for each of the folders.

Thanks rch1231 I'll try that.

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