hello everyone

please tell me best networking server.

i want creaser a server in our network.

home or business network? and what sort of 'networking server' are you looking for? cuz you know, you can create a network just by connecting computers together. so more specifically... what capabilities do you want?

Is the network for a small group or big groups of people? And what do you by networking server, do you mean creating a network just for some person so only the few person can enter but not other. Can you please be more specific, i would greatly like to help.

i want make it in our business station.

then check our employs activities.

You can try monitoring tools but this can only be use for good intentions. Example Teamviewer, Lanschool

i will check it and talk to again.

Tell me if my suggestion works and your problem is solved. If not i have some other good suggestions tool.

you need a bit of skill or at least some willingness to learn some in-depth material to get what you're after. you can set up a box as your firewall as well as a packet sniffer, as well as other functions and everything in between. that will give you monitoring capabilities as well as a modicum of control; people are always finding ways around, through, under and between firewalls these days. only real way to regulate stuff is by totally locking everything down, which can be counterproductive.

you would probably want to check with a small company that devises security solutions, and see what they would do for you and how much that would cost. if the cost is prohibitive, i would take some money and learn how to do it myself; but if the price was ok, go ahead and pay someone to set your system up for you. security is an area that is ever-changing and always expanding. IMO, it takes real commitment to stay on top of it.

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