I have an hp laptop and a hp desktop. My desktop is connected to cable and I have a router connected. I had a bunch of work done on my laptop in another state and now I cant connect to the router. My laptop thinks its the default computer. How do I change that so that it will connect wirelessly to my router again. I never had this problem before the work was done. It connected perfectly to the router
thanks so much

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Try reset your modem and router.
Did you change any wireless setting before in the control panel
You say your laptop can't connect to modem using wireless, and your dektop pc is being connect by an ethernet cable to your modem. Did you have any firewall on to block connection to your laptop, is your wifi on? What work have you done with your laptop?

Hope to hear a reply soon, so i can have more details about your problem

I will try the reset. I made no changes to either computer or the router, no changes in the control panel. My husband took my laptop to phoenix and it just died. He took it in to a computer shop and was told it was the harddrive. That was replaced. The laptop worked fine and connected fine prior to this problem. The desktop is connected via ethernet cable and I made no changes to that either. The only difference I have noticed on the laptop is that it says it is the default computer and its not, my desktop is. I dont know how to change the laptop settings to have it connect via the router. thanks so much for your time

The ethernet cable should be connected from the modem to the desktop pc. The laptop should only be connected via a cable to the desktop pc not the modem. i still finding a solution, your problem is the first one i have heard before. WEIRD

Your hard drive were replaced right? This means that the OS was re-installed. Now, make sure all drivers were also installed, and up to date, like your network drivers etc. Make sure that the laptop does not have the same ip as the desktop, that is conflict. Make sure that you have "wireless" turned on at the laptop, and see if you can connect to router wirelessly if your router supports it.

Edit: it will help more to help you if we know what OS, and what router etc you use.

I agreed with kraai. Make sure all your drives are up to date, IP address cannot be same on both computers. Turn on the wireless. Some laptops have a button at the side of the laptop, to on just press the button. Mainly what i post is the repetitive version of what kraai has posted. Is your hard drive even reinstalled? we need more information

@hawaiisunrise Have you tried to connect to other wireless like free public wireless to see if your laptop wireless works. If not try this and post back. If you have and it works than make sure your routers wireless is turned on and maybe give us some details about the router to try and help you further.

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