Hi, In my pc the local area connection status show the activity of sent OK but the receive activity is nil. What's the problem & how can i solve it? plz help me............

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1. Do an ip config and tell us what it says.

2. Do a ping test to any domain name, and tell us what the results are.

If you do not get an ip address, dns info on the ip config test, then that is your problem, and you need to make sure that your setup is "obtain ip address automatically" as well as "obtain dns automatically" with DHCP enabled on your router/modem.

If you do get a ip number and dns, make sure nothing is conflicting on the network, etc.

It may also be a hardware problem.... network card, but my first guess would be software related.

Also just the sending showing ok means nothing.. this seems like a router/dns problem or something along the lines.. try opening localhost and try accessing your router.. if you cant do both its possibly a config prob or ur network card is the prob..

is your land card built in or external? if built in try to re install the driver of your NIC land card......

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